Local Alumni Chapter

Securing responsible and dedicated officers is vital to having a successful and effective local Alumni chapter. Below are the roles and responsibilities of the available officer positions with our chapter. If you are interested in applying for any of our office positions, please complete the Chapter Officer Nomination Form to add-careerserv@devry.edu


The Chapter President is the face of the Alumni Chapter.  They will oversee the entire chapter as a collective body. The President duties involve:

  • Serve as the managing leader of the organization
  • Facilitating Chapter Meetings
  • Facilitating Executive Board Meeting
  • Create Chapter culture and organizational structure
  • Providing Semi Annual Reviews of Board Members and Committee Chairs
  • Review Committee Performance semi annually
  • Maintain relationships with the University (i.e. Career Services, Student Services, Academic Affairs, University President)
  • Work with University Liaison to maintain University Support
  • Prepare Annual Plan
  • Prepare Annual Budget
  • Support all committees in any capacity
  • Identify Needs of the Chapter
  • Define the direction of the Chapter
  • Support all chapter initiatives
  • Address chapter issues
  • Attend University and Chapter Events
  • Support the committee chairs and board members in any capacity that they are unable to fill
  • Serve as a backup person for the Vice President


The Chapter Vice President has the most vital role within the Alumni Chapter.  They will oversee all committees and initiatives within the chapter.  The Vice President will be responsible for ensuring the committees are completing objectives and to support them in any capacity.  The vice president duties involve:

  • Reviewing Committee Reports
  • Supporting the Community Service Initiative
  • Supporting the Small Business Initiative
  • Meeting Quarterly with committee chairs to see if objectives are being met
  • Assist the President in chapter initiatives
  • Work with the University as a committee liaison to reach goals and gain exposure
  • Attend most of committee events
  • Semi Annually review the performance of committee chairs
  • Provide feedback to committee chairs on performance
  • Support the committee chairs in any capacity that they are unable to fill
  • Serve as a backup person for the President


The Chapter Treasurer has an important function within the Alumni Chapter.  They will oversee the process of spending and maintenance of adequate financial records. Also the treasurer will be required to provide the financial report to the President for approval prior to chapter meetings. They primary responsibility is to maintain the chapter's finances.  The treasurer will be responsible for the following:

  • Preparing monthly YTD Budget reports
  • Preparing monthly expenditure report
  • Compiling all expense support
  • Maintain all support for expenditures and approvals
  • Work with committee chairs to prepare annual budgets
  • Work with the President on annual spending to prepare annual budget
  • Prepare annual budget
  • Set deadlines for monthly expenditure cutoff
  • Set deadlines for payment processing
  • Work with the University Liaison to ensure payables are paid in a reasonable amount of time
  • Present monthly reports by committee to executive board on expenditures and budget
  • Provide financial forecast of annual spending by committee and initiative


The Chapter Secretary has an important function within the Alumni Chapter.  They will oversee the process of maintaining all chapter communications.  Also they will assist the executive board and all committee chairs in compiling data for chapter presentation. The duties involve:

  • Preparing  meeting minutes of the Executive Board Meeting and General Body Meeting
  • Obtaining Committee Meeting Minutes and Reports to prepare monthly minute package
  • Create and design monthly newsletter. 
  • Assist the Chapter President as needed
  • Assist the Vice President as needed
  • Assist the Committee Chairs per the direction of the Chapter President
  • Compile and Present the monthly meetings and event statistics package to the University Liaison.


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